What to Sell on Amazon - How to Find Profitable Products?

Everything turns into a mess if you don’t know anything about top selling items on amazon. This article uncovers important secrets you need to know.

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6 Top Selling Categories on Amazon
Choosing the Best Items to Sell on Amazon FBA
6 Features of the Best Product to Sell on Amazon
6 Steps to Find the Best Products to Sell on Amazon
4 Ways of Sourcing Products to Sell on Amazon
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With millions of items represented on Amazon, people have forgotten what it means to look for an appropriate product for weeks or even months. This huge marketplace opens the doors not only to entrepreneurs but also to customers who want to get goods right here and right now. And if you hit the bull’s eye by entering the market with a fantastically potential product, the money will flow directly to your wallet.

Many brand owners face the same problem – they can’t make the right choice and burst into the e-commerce world with goods that demonstrate high demand. We know this pain and strive to teach you how to find the right product niche. In this article, we’ll analyze top categories, explain which products are the best ones for those joining FBA, discuss how to select items, and many more.

6 Top Selling Categories on Amazon

Millions of items are promoted on Amazon, and a starter will find it hard to concentrate on something particular. And the first thing you have to remember is that you should pick something popular among customers. Still, it’s necessary to avoid high competition. Besides, you won’t go far without a dosage of inspiration. That’s why we offer you to look at the top product categories on the website:

1. Toys & Games

Traditionally, several types of customers pick items in this category – parents, couples, and those willing to buy a gift for children once they are going to visit friends or relatives. Toys seem to be the best products to sell on Amazon because of a wide selection of goods in this niche. In this section, a shopper will find even the most unexpected items like stress relievers, fancy toilet paper, balloon blowers, and so on. There are plenty of toys for kids and seasonal gifts, including presents for Christmas, St Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, etc

You can purchase items in bulk and offer them through this marketplace to shoppers from all over the world. But the success in this niche requires time and effort, as there are many big players in the market. As a newbie, you won’t even have the chance in a struggle against Play-Doh, Crayola, or L.O.L. Choosing something unique or thematic might be a winning variant of what to sell on Amazon.

2. Electronics

Although the information on the website is updated every hour, we can hardly notice any changes. This niche is totally occupied by Amazon’s products – from TV sticks to smart speakers. Of course, there are other brands in the category, but it’s probably almost an impossible mission to leave this category behind. If you have a plan and strive to make a road to success with electronics, it’s up to you. Keep in mind though that you’ll have to find a revolutionary item that brings top-notch quality and solves the customer’s problems excellently. Otherwise, it will be hard to survive in the competition with Amazon , Nintendo and TP-Link .

3. Camera & Photo

If the idea to perform some innovative items has crossed your mind, then this category is worth your attention. It’s time to get all the perks of the tech world, as the niche contains a wide range of necessary and even strange goods. There are no borders for your imagination and possibilities to make a good profit here – customers are looking for mini spy cameras, security devices, binoculars, and other items. And if you are a tech geek, launching a weird but attractive product may be a nice method to heal the crack in your budget. Look closer to the goods in this section, and you’ll see interesting items, including personal alarms, pet cameras, and many more. Next time, when you’ll be thinking about what to sell on Amazon, don’t forget to visit the category – the selection of choices is vast.

4. Video Games

The best things to sell on Amazon may be connected with your hobbies or personal preferences, but don’t forget to research and analyze the situation in the category. It sounds attractive to promote video games because this niche became more popular than it was a decade ago. But visit this section, and you’ll see that the variety of products isn’t wide. Selling gift cards, controllers, games, and consoles is a good idea unless the category isn’t occupied by big brands. On Amazon, the situation doesn’t give you a chance for success – dominant players like Nintendo and Microsoft are already there.

5. Books

We all read books, and definitely know that their popularity will never get lower. By the way, did you know that Amazon started as a marketplace for this product category? The chances are that books will bring you success too.

There are many opportunities for entrepreneurs offering this product type. For example, at the beginning of your journey, you can sell the items from your room – it means that Amazon allows you to benefit from used goods. Soon, you are free to switch to arbitrage or wholesale business, or even publish your works through the website. For writers, it’s the one in a million chance to advertise their books to the audience that counts millions of the platform’s visitors – it’s the shortest road to popularity

6. Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry

What to sell on Amazon? New designs, a wide range of colors, exclusive jewelry – this niche is a hotbed for entrepreneurs, but you must be wise and careful when making a decision. Of course, nobody says that you can’t offer a sweatshirt or top – people love buying such items. Finding an intriguing solution in the clothing or jewelry market is your №1 task, as the niche is overcrowded. It’s full of the same products, and you should dedicate many hours to thinking about what type of product will help you get income. Dresses, boots, and sweaters are excellent items to sell on Amazon , but you need to come up with an overwhelming competitive advantage.

Choosing the Best Items to Sell on Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA is an optimal solution for many businesses, as it’s an opportunity to avoid logistics risks and offer a high-quality service to customers. Entrepreneurs have to cope with difficult tasks, including shipping, packaging, creating the development plan, and many more. And they will be happy to delegate some of these duties to Amazon. Sending products to Amazon’s fulfillment center is a wise decision because all the items are stored carefully there. Besides, you can rely on the company’s employees because they will also ship goods and execute the tasks connected with the send-back process. If you want to get more details about the program, you can read Amazon FBA Guide .

Well, picking the program may become your smartest decision, but it’s crucial to remember that it generates fees. And that’s why you must think ahead and draw a correct financial picture. The first step in this mission is choosing the right item to promote through the marketplace. Here are a few recommendations on picking what to sell on Amazon to make money :

The good news is that the marketplace allows you to evaluate the market and come up with the best items to sell on Amazon. Leave all the worries behind, in case you don’t have any experience in research and estimation – we’ll discuss everything here. Launching a business is a risky thing, but it’s still worth it, as the platform lets you work with the international audience.

6 Features of the Best Product to Sell on Amazon

When searching for what to sell on Amazon, entrepreneurs make mistakes and risk losing their money very often. The truth is that at the beginning, it’s always hard to spot the product that will satisfy your financial ambitions. We prepared a list of recommendations that describe the features of an item to promote on the website:

6 Steps to Find the Best Products to Sell on Amazon

You may need many hours to determine what to sell on Amazon, but the result won’t satisfy you. That’s why you wouldn’ like to miss our guide that will take the search process to a new level. These steps will lead you to the right decision:

1. Explore your needs

How many times have you been trying to find an innovative item that could solve some of your problems? We’ve all been there! And believe us – you aren’t the only person in the world who lives with this pain. Surf the Internet and find other people with the same needs, and the answer will come to you quickly.

2. Look for products with poor quality

What should I sell on Amazon ? Surf the Internet, and you’ll find hundreds of complaints concerning product quality. It’s your chance to improve an item that can be a better filler of the gap in the niche.

3. Monitor top selling categories

If you strive to know which products are the most profitable ones, check the products page, and you’ll see which items bring more sales. Amazon provides new data every hour, so you can make a conclusion about the goods that bring pots of money to entrepreneurs.

4. Research the market with a helpful tool

Of course, you can conduct an investigation and do everything manually, but the chances are that you’ll miss some important details. IO Scout helps you discover new opportunities in research. This tool generates reports that save you from risks and mistakes at the very beginning of your journey. IO Scout Product Database pulls the most important details about millions of items placed on the website. The tool allows you to set filters according to your preferences – get the desired data and find things to sell on Amazon .

You know how important it is to understand how other goods are performed in the market. IO Scout Product Tracker acquaints you with the world of products on Amazon. It’s convenient to divide items by groups and set bookmarks to see their performance here. You can track prices, sales, stock status, and other essential details.

5. Target keywords with the highest search volume

SEO optimization is key to a successful business on Amazon. Properly selected words and phrases will help you connect your goods with millions of potential buyers. They will enter your keyword into a gap and see your item among other products advertised in the market.

6. Pick specific products

Unlikely you have the chance to win the battle with dominant brands. Besides, it’s risky to start a business by launching an item with a keyword that generates 100 000 searches. Pick the niche with a low number of competitors to help shoppers find your product in a list of other goods.

4 Ways of Sourcing Products to Sell on Amazon

What can you sell on Amazon? You can sell almost everything unless products are in a list of restricted items. But there may be another challenging task – to find the channels of sourcing goods. It takes time to build trust relations with partners, but you must do your best to collaborate with the best manufacturers and suppliers. Customers expect to get high-quality products, and they want to rely on you. You can consider the following options when searching for the sourcing channel:

Final Comments

What can I sell on Amazon? This question won’t leave you at night and during the day. But it’s the right attitude towards an important decision. A product can bring you good money or unbelievable risks that make your budget empty. However, you don’t have to imagine the picture of your epic fail – it’s necessary to work hard, evaluate the market, and create a strong business plan.

Our guidelines will help you learn the art of picking the right product to sell it through Amazon. Remember that this marketplace is a huge e-commerce machine that has already made thousands of people rich, and you can become one of them. Research, analyze, and come up with practical decisions to make customers love your goods and come back over and over again.


Is it worth selling on Amazon?

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an entrepreneur with a rich history behind your back – Amazon is a powerful weapon for your business. Over 400 millions of shoppers look for products every day here. And it’s an impressive opportunity to reach your target audience so quickly.

What is the cost to sell on Amazon?

Amazon lets you pick one of the provided plans – Individual and Professional . The first option is an excellent variant for starters who want to check the product value on the website. It’s a free package, but each sold item will cost you $0.99. Professional Sellers pay around $40 every thirty days.

What is the most sold item on Amazon?

Top selling products are displayed in the appropriate section on the website. The data is updated hourly.

How much can Amazon sellers earn?

The opportunities are unlimited here. Many sellers earn $4000-$6000 , but everything depends on you, your product, and your strategy.

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