Best Viral Launch Alternative: IO Scout vs Viral Launch

Want to know the difference between popular tools for Amazon business? Read our detailed article about Viral Launch vs IO Scout and pick the best one.

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Viral Launch vs IO Scout - Pricing Overview
Why IO Scout is the Best Alternative to Viral Launch

Business progress on Amazon depends on many factors. But first of all, you have to concentrate on your audience and market niche. With product research software, it’s easier to analyze the situation and make the right decision. Let’s discuss two effective instruments - Viral Launch vs IO Scout - and find out which one will work better for your brand.

Viral Launch vs IO Scout - Pricing Overview

When selecting a tool that will support you on your path to business success, you take into account many aspects. And the pricing question often influences the decision to pick a product from a variety of instruments represented in the market. Let’s look at the difference between IO Scout and Viral Launch pricing scheme.

What is similar?

The comparison of prices and plans in IO Scout vs Viral Launch battle allows us to say that these two tools offer sellers the right of choice. Depending on your experience and strategy, you can choose one of the provided packages. Of course, they differ from each other by prices and features, but the overall payment model unites these instruments. They have a monthly and annual model – you’re free to pick any convenient scheme. Besides, you can start IO Scout or Viral Launch free trial, as they both offer this option. Here are the prices:

What is different?

As you can see, IO Scout is a cheaper solution for your business. Besides, the basic plan has more important features, including a product database with access to over 100 million items, unlimited researches, 2 devices, up to 5000 rows in export, and 24/7 customer support. The package for beginners of the second tool offers only Viral Launch product discovery, research, Chrome extension, and ASIN options for US users.

Why IO Scout is the Best Alternative to Viral Launch

If you don’t want to waste your time while searching for a cheaper and effective alternative to Viral Launch, then IO Scout should be a №1 option on your list. With this tool, it’s easy to reach for success and find products that bring money. And its features will make the software an integral part of your business.

1. Begin your path with the right product


Many beginners waste a lot of time when trying to find goods that will help them earn money. Of course, this stage of your business is often connected with risks and doubts, but you can change this situation with the help of software like IO Scout. Over 100 million items become available to you there – look at prices, revenue, sales, reviews, and other details to come up with a winning decision. The obtained information will help you evaluate the situation in the market and determine the product that attracts more customers. Once you’ve chosen a successful item, increasing sales and popularity are only a matter of time.

2. Keep track of trends and seasonality


With IO Scout, you’ll never pick a product that doesn’t bring any income. Its features allow you to obtain accurate data based on your preferences – period, sales, prices, and many more. The historical data uncovers the entire picture connected with an item you’re interested in. Interestingly, old trends come back very often, and you can prepare for it next time. Find new opportunities in the market by implementing the knowledge of history – make your business forecasts and build plans wisely.

3. Calculate FBA fees

better than Viral Launch

When launching a business on Amazon, you certainly expect to find practical ways of earning money on the website. FBA is one of the programs that help sellers increase their chances for success here. You can let Amazon store, pack, and ship your items, but it’s necessary to consider the fees that appear when you become a member of this helpful program. IO Scout is an excellent Viral Launch alternative that helps you prepare for expenses in advance. You don’t even have to offer a product – check how much it will cost you to promote the chosen item. Calculate the fees to make sure your budget is ready for the sums you’ll have to cover.

4. Use Chrome extension


Research the market directly on the market without the need to leave your current tasks and turn on the app. IO Scout is a top-notch alternative to Viral Launch Chrome extension – you don’t waste valuable hours but analyze the niche and categories quickly. Track products, research the market, spy other brands, and control your Amazon business effectively. Chrome extension is a convenient solution for those appreciating their time and excellent features. With its help, you can make new listings, check the BSR of products performed on the platform, monitor your sales, and track goods.

Final Thoughts

Your business path on Amazon will become easier and more successful with the help of a practical tool. Both IO Scout and Viral Launch have cutting-edge features that make a positive impact on a brand. They have many things in common, but these two tools still differ from each other. For example, IO Scout is cheaper, and its plan for starters includes more options for building a business on the platform. Moreover, you can always count on its product database, as it lets you see the information about millions of goods launched on Amazon.

No doubt that it’s not a complicated task to find an alternative to IO Scout. However, you’re unlikely to get as many benefits and amazing features as this tool offers to you. It’s up to you which software to choose, but it’s better to pick the one that opens wider opportunities and has more options to scale your business.

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