Sellics vs IO Scout - Which Tool is Better?

What’s hidden behind bright descriptions of popular Amazon market research tools? Read the Sellics vs IO Scout review and pick the best tool.

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Before starting selling on Amazon, it’s not enough to just create the Seller’s account and create your listings. Many important aspects stand behind a successful business on this platform. Without a properly chosen product and regular niche analysis, it’s impossible to earn money here. That’s why you’ll need helpful software to cope with all the challenges that may appear on your way. We compared two instruments in this Sellics vs IO Scout   review – read it to pick the research product that will help you succeed.

Sellics vs IO Scout - Pricing Overview

Both tools have strong sides, and sometimes only the price plays an important role for a seller. That’s why let’s explore the costs of these instruments and find out what differs them from each other. This information will help you understand whether the performed tools offer good value for money.

What is similar?

Both tools have convenient payment plans. A seller can choose to try one of the instruments and cover the bill monthly. But in case they’re ready to use the software regularly, there’re more comfortable and cheaper options:

What is different?

As you can see, IO Scout is a cheap alternative to Sellics, but its features aren’t less effective. With the first tool, you don’t need to evaluate business just to pick the right plan. It’s easy to get lost in these packages – something may go wrong, and you’ll realize that you’ve made a wrong choice. IO Scout offers you three understandable plans that include all the necessary features like product research, data tracking, historical information, and many more.

Why IO Scout is the Best Alternative to Sellics

Even if you don’t know what Sellics is, you can find the needed information on the Web. And before paying for the chosen plan, consider checking the features of another tool. Now, we’ll explain to you why IO Scout may become the best alternative to this instrument.

Choose the right product at the very beginning of your Amazon journey

Which product to pick for selling through Amazon? This question is crucial for many entrepreneurs, but with IO Scout, you can reduce the risk of choosing an unprofitable item. It provides access to every product in the marketplace – it means that you’re free to check what stands behind millions of goods. Monitor sales, prices, inventory, reviews, and other details to be sure you won’t make a mistake with your choice. It’s a chance to obtain the necessary information within a few seconds.


Track goods and determine the direction for your business

It may be hard to determine the right niche or category. That’s why it’s better to conduct research and evaluate the market before you decide to take a leap into the dark. By applying appropriate filters, you can get the information connected with rankings, sales, or costs . Sort products by groups and analyze the situation in the market – this way, you’ll quickly find the right item and niche.


Trends and history is your powerful weapon

Have you noticed that trends come back? IO Scout allows you to check the data connected with the chosen item and see when it accumulated the largest number of sales. With this information, you’ll be able to predict when it will be popular again and adjust business plans according to this factor.


Use Chrome extension to enjoy the tool

If you don’t want to waste your time and efforts, install the Chrome extension. Then, you’ll be able to research the niche and receive reports on the website. Of course, other Sellics competitors also have a Chrome extension. But IO Scout has a robust algorithm that allows users to get accurate data and evaluate the niche correctly by applying the received information.


FBA fees calculator

If you plan to join Fulfillment by Amazon program, consider learning the necessary information about fees. No doubt that FBA is a perfect solution for sellers, as Amazon staff can delegate the main duties and concentrate on important business matters. But shipment, storage, and other fees may break your budget expectations. That’s why you can use the IO Scout FBA calculator to prepare for expenses in advance. Besides, it’s a free feature.

best Sellics alternative

Estimate sales to get higher in the best-seller ranking

Monitor the popularity of different products and build the right strategy for your business. With the obtained data, you can reduce risks of picking unsuccessful goods and investing in the wrong niche. IO Scout estimator helps you identify the popularity level of particular products during the chosen period, track seasonal changes, and many more.

Sellics and AMZ Metrics Comparison

Final Thoughts

This comparison article shows us that IO Scout is an excellent variant for sellers who want to succeed on Amazon. It costs less than Sellics, and its features let you get all the needed data to prepare for the business future. With IO Scout, over 100 million items become available for you, the research process is quick and easy, and reports are accurate.

Of course, you can fulfill the major tasks manually if you don’t trust online tools. But keep in mind that it will take time to collect the necessary data by yourself. And it’s easy to make a mistake when working on the analysis. You can try to find a free Sellics alternative, but none of these tools is better than IO Scout. Its advantages are simply hard to overcome.

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