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Design high-ranking listings

Optimize your listings quickly with a reliable keyword strategy to rank on the top! AMZ Metrics listing optimization tool will help you create and update your product listings right on the spot.

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Use relevant keywords

With Keyword Tool, you will be able to generate keywords that are high on demand on Amazon. Save your keywords and use them in Amazon Listing Builder to reach the right audience. Use keywords in the product title, description, and search terms.

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AMZ Metrics relevant keywords

Excellent templates

AMZ Metrics Listing Optimizer has templates that are very straightforward for use! All you need to do is to import your keywords and start working on your listing. During the process of building your listings, you can always save them for later and start working on them again when you're available.

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AMZ Metrics Listing Optimization Templates

Listing optimization easier than ever

With the AMZ Metrics Listing Optimizer, you will be able to build your listings in a genuinely intuitive manner. Recommended keywords and handy templates are just a few clicks away, and all you need to do is to create and customize your listings. Once you've used some of the keywords from your list, they automatically will be scratched so you will know exactly what other keywords you can use without repeating.

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AMZ Metrics Listing Optimization

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AMZ Metrics Amazon Listing Optimization Tool

When you're thinking about optimizing your listing for the Amazon buy box, imagine this process as you're about to optimize content for the organic search results. Why should you do this? Simply because Amazon and search engines both have algorithms designed to deliver to potential customers the best possible experience. The similarity between Amazon and organic search doesn't stop here.

Let's take a step back and remind you once again that Amazon is a search engine as well. When you compare Amazon to other search engines, Amazon has a more simplistic algorithm, and it has a lower number of ranking signals. But Amazon also indexes data and uses various factors to determine where to set the product in the search results.

Amazon's algorithm, the A9 algorithm, is set to organize the search results. Because, after all, Amazon is a business and selling platform, the algorithm is set to show the products with a high conversion rate, to generate even more sales.

This means that the most relevant products in every search are products with a high conversion rate, and they will appear on the top of search results. The result of this is that:

  • Products with a high conversion rate are the ones that make potential customers actually buy the product after they check the product's details and reviews.
  • Relevant products are the products that are relevant to the search query. That's why Amazon doesn't show you make up brushes when you're searching for phone cases. Everyone wants to get relevant search results based on their search criteria, and no one wants to receive irrelevant results. This is all possible thanks to Amazon's A9 algorithm.

How do Amazon keywords affect product relevance?

If you don't use strong keywords, your products will be irrelevant to customers' search results, and this will severely damage your sales.

Amazon product title and keywords

It's very important to pick the right keywords to use in your product's title on Amazon. From the keyword aspect, the title of your product is the crucial part of the listing, so that your product can succeed on Amazon.

When potential customers are searching for the items to purchase, they are searching for something relevant to their search and something that will catch their attention among numerous products.

When customers go on Amazon's page, they type what they are looking to buy. When they hit the search button, Amazon will generate the list of the relevant products based on the product's title. Customers will then click on products with the most appealing titles. That's why the title and keywords used in your product's titles are so important.

Customers are searching for brands, product types, key features, color, and quantity, so make sure that you add the most critical information right in the product's title. That way, your customers will have a clear and precise knowledge about your product at a glance, and this step will help you make to the top of the search results, affecting the A9 algorithm. Also, this simple step will help you convert potential into actual buyers. The Amazon keywords ar fundamentals of your product's title.

Another thing you can do to enhance your product's search results ranking is to add the most crucial keywords at the beginning of the product's title. This is important because customers use various devices to access and search Amazon, so the full title will not always appear completely. When you put the most crucial keywords at the beginning of your product's title, those keywords will be shown regardless of your potential buyers are using a desktop computer, mobile phone, or tablets.

Product details and the keywords

With the product's details, sellers can precisely describe all features and benefits of their products, in neat bullet points. If you do your product's description appropriately, you will increase the chances of converting the pageview into an actual order. Also, in the product's details, you can add keywords that you couldn't use in the product's title. If you set the right, rockstar product's detailed description, your visitors will convert to orders. If your title is top-notch, it will convert prospects into viewing the product details page.

Don't forget that the conversion rate also affects the rank of your products in Amazon search results.

If you don't come up with an excellent strategy to make your product details appealing, the bounce rate will increase, and your product will not appear in top search results.

If you want your product to stand out, try answering these questions, and use the answers to build your product listing based on them:

  • Why should customers buy this product from you?
  • What feature makes your product unique?

Don't forget to optimize your listings so that the A9 algorithm will index your keywords and rank your product in top search results.

Hidden keywords - search terms

Hidden keywords or search terms are the keywords that were authorized to enter the backend of your Amazon seller account. With these keywords, you will be able to put even more information about the product on Amazon. Customers will not be able to see those keywords, but they affect the search ranking of your product.

Sellers have only 250 characters for these hidden keywords, per one product, so avoid using keywords that you used in title and detail description. It's proven that sellers who handle hidden keywords in the right way, boost their search ranking significantly.