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Why Should You Start Selling Books on Amazon?
10 Methods of Sourcing Books
How Much Money Can You Make by Selling Books on Amazon?
How to Start Selling Books Business on Amazon in 5 Steps?

Starting a business is always an exciting and serious step. The chances are you’ll have to pass a long way before reaching success. But with a wise strategy and highly potential product, this road will turn into a pleasant walk that opens a new stage in your life.

What product to sell? Where to promote goods? These questions won’t let you sleep at night, and they will be on your mind during the day. The answer may be simpler than you could ever imagine – sell books on Amazon , this product is what you should consider first when looking for what to promote online. In this article, we’ll explain why books belong to a list of the most successful products on Amazon and how to make money on this business.

Why Should You Start Selling Books on Amazon?

If you don’t know where to start, look around and try to analyze the situation in your room. Do you see things that occupy more space than anything else? These are the books – you’ve been collecting them since you were a child, and now it’s time to do something about it. Try to offer them on Amazon – it’s a no-risk option for everybody.

how to sell books on amazon

Earning money by selling used books on Amazon may sound strange because it seems like only those promoting gadgets and clothes make a profit. But don’t forget that during the first years of its existence, the platform was a place where people could find only stories in papers. Jeff Bezos established a marketplace for books in 1994 , and by 1997 a number of titles counted around 2.5 million . Besides, that year they earned $148 million.

Thus, you can see that it’s necessary to look closer at the idea to sell books on Amazon. Of course, you may need more reasons explaining why this business is worth your attention and effort. So, here they are:

1. Sell books on Amazon – it’s easy to start

Entrepreneurs who haven’t ever sold things through Amazon often think that only this company earns good money with its branded goods. But according to the information published in 2018 , more than 140 000 companies operating on the platform gained over $100,000 each in 2017 . It gives hope to all those starting their businesses and developing brands here.

Don’t worry in case you don’t know anything about how to sell books on Amazon. Research the market to see which products are the most profitable. You’ll have to spend some time while choosing the category where all the most popular books are placed. But if you’re starting with used items – take another step and register an account. At this stage, you’ll have to choose which plan suits you the best –Individual or Professional:



This marketplace is a spot to be for every entrepreneur due to a number of options that make the journey through the e-commerce jungle more comfortable. You can choose any preferable way to sell books on Amazon and win all hearts in the market. They have a few programs that help discover the shortest road to success:

2. Best Sellers Rankings are at your service

how to sell books on amazon

The best sellers rank is an indicator of how well your and competitor’s products stand out in a category or subcategory. Consider it before you start selling books on Amazon. This data is updated regularly, so you can track the history of items and analyze their popularity on the platform. Get higher in the ranking of the Amazon search engine by selling more books and building an effective strategy.

3. FBA is your life savior

We’ve already mentioned FBA in this article, but its features are so amazing that we decided to share all of them with you. Although it costs money, you’ll essentially benefit from selecting the membership. If you’re going to sell books on Amazon, it’s better to use the calculator before sending them to the company’s warehouse. However, even with the fees, this program attracts many entrepreneurs who find a way to get all its perks.

When selling books on Amazon, you’ll notice that it’s not so easy to find a place where to store them. Lucky guys have a garage or loft where they can keep all these stories, thousands of words, and undiscovered worlds. But unlikely you or your family members will like the idea to store books in a kitchen or guest room. That’s why the opportunity to free your house from dozens or hundreds of books is a perfect solution in many senses.

Logistics requires hard work, attention, time, and effort. It’s difficult to find a reliable service that offers quick and safe delivery. Very often, customers complain that their orders get lost, come too late, or are damaged. If you want to avoid both logistics problems and product returns, it’s hard to find a better solution than FBA. Once books are delivered to Amazon’s warehouse, storing, shipping, packing, and customer support aren’t your headache anymore.

Entrepreneurs who join the program are eligible for special perks. For example, their products get a Prime logo, which attracts shoppers so much. It’s a signal that they will receive an order for free only within two days. Moreover, products with this logo are of the highest priority – they appear above the items that don’t have it.

10 Methods of Sourcing Books

Now, let’s talk about sourcing methods. With books, you can cross the border and think out-of-the-box because there are so many ways to find an appropriate product. Your choice may be based not only on the convenience but also on the type of person you are. We’ve collected ten methods that will suit introverts, seekers, hunters – everybody who plans to sell books on Amazon will find something to stick to.

1. Your home library

If you have a pile of books that only occupy space in your room or basement, consider sharing them with someone else. Besides, you’ll manage to earn some money, and it’s a perfect opportunity to exchange things you’ll never hold in your hands again for cash. You know how to sell used books on Amazon – get all the perks of this partnership.

The condition matters if you want to sell books on Amazon. There shouldn’t be damaged pages, coffee spots, or anything that may change the shopper’s decision to buy the book. After revision, gather books you want to sell and don’t let anyone touch them – now, it’s your assortment.

selling books on amazon

2. Garage sales

It’s a nice occasion to get acquainted with your neighbors if you haven’t done it yet. A garage sale is where you can find a treasure – many people get rid of new books or those looking good. Pay a few cents for such an item and sell it on Amazon at a much higher price.

3. Visit book sales

Are there any bookstores in your city? If the answer is “ Yes, ” you know what to do! Wait for the season of discounts, take a scanner, and go to the nearest shop where you can find the cheapest books.

Scan the code on a chosen item and check whether it is worth something with the help of an app on your smartphone. In this way, the process of selecting the product is easier. The app displays the lowest price and the best sellers rank, so that it’s not difficult to decide which one to purchase. Making the right choice is the chance to appear among Amazon top selling books.

4. Surf the Internet

When searching for another way to source and sell books on Amazon, consider different websites where people offer their used books. It will be harder to determine the condition of an item, but you can get in touch with the owner and ask for more photos. Buying a book that costs less than $1 and selling it for a few dollars is a perfect method to earn additional cash.

5. Wholesale

You’ll have to spend some time while searching for a reliable partner or discount. Purchase books in bulk and then offer them at a higher price – it’s another great chance to build a business on Amazon . But you’ll have to prepare a space for storing all these boxes with products. Otherwise, become a member of the FBA program and get rid of all the logistics problems.

6. Bookstores offering used books

It may be hard to find a land-based bookstore that offers used books at low prices, but you still can complete this mission successfully. Many people decide to clean their houses from unneeded folios and give them to local shops. They don’t sell used books on Amazon, but for you, it’s a chance to benefit from their choice.

7. Go to a library

Clearing space is one of the reasons explaining why libraries host sales from time to time. Here, you’ll find valuable things worth of attention, and even folios that may become an outstanding piece of someone’s collection. Find out the day when the significant event will take place and dedicate a few hours to visiting a library.

8. Partnership with a distributor

There are two ways here – you have to look for distributors, or they’ll find you by themselves. They charge a fee, and an entrepreneur has to cover it. But there’s a chance to essentially increase your budget situation as distributors often have access to books that are in high demand on the market.

how to sell used books on amazon

9. Publishing houses

Partnership with publishers is for those who are ready to risk and spend much money on buying hundreds or thousands of books. You must have a strong business strategy and enough budget to cover all the expenses. Besides, comprehensive research and analysis are required to predict whether this collaboration is the right choice.

10. Authentic and antique folios

It’s a mistake to hide ancient manuscripts from the world. If you have one, remember that Amazon sells books to collectors who take care and appreciate such items. But you’ll succeed in this mission only in case the marketplace approves your folio. They require the evidence proving the authenticity of a book.

How Much Money Can You Make by Selling Books on Amazon?

The sum of your earnings depends on the model of selling books on Amazon you choose. The company designed a few convenient schemes for entrepreneurs who strive to reach the success of a marketplace with more than 20 years of experience. If you are one of them, then you might like the following options that help you refill the budget:


That’s why you can be sure that someone will appreciate your desire to sell books on Amazon as a member of a Trade-in program. Check whether the condition of a product meets the company’s requirements, and then send it to them. Amazon’s specialists will examine a book, value it, and offer you a gift card.


You save the author’s rights and can change the content whenever you want to. Besides, it’s up to you what price to set. Although the company takes the fee, you will earn up to 70% of the total cost. The benefit of the program is obvious – you don’t have to look for a publishing house abroad because you can sell books on Amazon. It only takes 5 minutes to publish a story, and then millions of shoppers from around the world will see it on the platform.

Sell Books on Amazon

How to Start Selling Books Business on Amazon in 5 Steps?

The market tendencies are changing all the time, but it’s always a good idea to sell books on Amazon. Due to the helpful programs offered by the company, an entrepreneur can perform successfully here. And this guide will help you make the first steps on your path to the luxury life you’ve always been dreaming of:

Step 1. Determine the sourcing method

Do you have the books you would like to get rid of? Are you ready to cooperate with publishers and distributors? It doesn’t matter if you want to try the Amazon sell back books program or develop a business and try luck in the market – the company gives a chance to everybody. Choose any preferable method from the list above to see whether it works for you. Soon, you can try something else and stick to the model that is more convenient and money-making.

Step 2. Create a Seller’s account

Creating an account is an adherent part of starting a business on Amazon. If you’re going to sell more than 40 items per month, then a Professional plan might be an ideal solution. But there’s also an option for less ambitious people. An Individual plan is convenient because you only pay a fee for each book a customer buys from you.

Step 3. Do a research

Once you decided to join the army of Amazon entrepreneurs, research and analysis will be your best friends for the period of building a business. You might like the idea to have a helpful tool that will ease this journey. IO Scout is the software you have to take into account because it opens new opportunities for sellers.

selling books on amazon

When starting promoting things on the platform, the chances are you won’t know what to do and how to find a golden key to the doors of success. With the help of IO Scout feature, you’ll uncover the secret for books selling on Amazon. Start with selecting the category and applying appropriate filters – the necessary details will appear in a moment. The tool will generate data concerning Amazon best selling books, trends, prices, and many more.

Step 4. Decide upon logistics matters

If you plan to sell a lot but don’t have a place where to store books, consider the FBA program . Pay the fees and free your house from dozens of boxes that will appear everywhere. Books will be kept in Amazon’s warehouse, and the company’s specialists will handle the packing, shipping, and even returns.

Step 5. Take care of customers

The FBA program includes customer support services. But in case you want to communicate with buyers or don’t plan to choose this model, then you must remember about quality. Offer a helping hand whenever a customer has problems with an order, respond to complaints quickly, and do your best to make him or her happy

Closing line

We hope that our guide helped you learn how to sell books to Amazon – let it be an instruction to your future business strategy. Even if you start with offering used items, there’s always a chance to change direction and begin promoting new ones. Amazon has what to offer to everybody, and it doesn’t matter where you take inventory – from your shelf or from publishers.


What is the cost of selling books on Amazon?

The entrepreneurs who want to sell books on Amazon pay a $1.8 fee for each item. Besides, don’t forget about the Individual and Professional plans, which cost $0.99 per one product and $39.99 per month appropriately.

Can I make money by selling books on Amazon?

You can sell books on Amazon and earn money, but the amount may vary. If you select a Trade-in model, you’ll receive gift cards for used items. KDP brings up to 70% of the set price, and direct sellers multiply their budget by 2x, 5x, and even more.

Is it possible to sell books for free on Amazon?

It’s impossible to avoid fees when you sell books on Amazon. Besides, you’ll have to choose an Individual or Professional plan, and they both cost money.

Can I sell books back to Amazon?

Amazon offers a Textbook Buyback program. It’s a convenient option if you want to exchange the unneeded item for money.

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