How to Make Money on Amazon in 2020

Forget about the days when you couldn’t find extra cash in your wallet. Read the article and learn the effective ways how to make money on Amazon in 2020

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1. Sell Things Through Amazon
2. Join the Amazon FBA Program

What do we do when we need to buy something? Of course, we dive into a magical world of Amazon where it’s possible to find anything – even the strangest and fanciest products. Among numerous categories, you will see something you’re looking for. Birthday gifts, seasonal decorations, computers, video games, sewing kits, and night vision devices – this platform is heaven for customers. And there’s no denying that this place is a sweet spot for sellers.

If you’re going to start a business but don’t have an idea of how to make money, then the marketplace is where your products must be present. It’s not only a great opportunity to come into the spotlight and gain popularity worldwide, but also the chance to earn money from the comfort of your home. Millions of shoppers will see your product, and all you will have to do is select the profitable item, download a catalog, and get paid.

Are you interested? Then keep on reading to learn how to make money on Amazon and what things to sell here. Besides, you’ll find the unexpected methods of getting extra cash. Choose the one that will work best for you, and success will knock on your door soon.

You may think that it’s too hard to start selling on Amazon because you don’t understand anything about how it works. In fact, the platform offers more options than only an entrepreneur's path. Read on and learn some new ways to earn money here.

1. Sell Things Through Amazon

Amazon has two plans for sellers – Individual and Professional . Both cost money, but the payment methods are different. If you select the Individual plan, you’ll pay $0.99 per each sold thing. And users who prefer the Professional package pay $39.99 monthly.

After you choose the model of collaboration with the platform, you’ll have to create the listing of products you’re going to sell. The sum of your income will depend on the profitability of goods, so be very careful with the choice. When determining what to sell on Amazon , consider not only your preferences but also the customers’ needs. Besides, there are such aspects as fees, pricing policy, and competition. That’s why it’s necessary to explore how to make a profit, earn with Amazon, and come up with the right business decision.

2. Join the Amazon FBA Program

If you’re a starter, such things like storing and shipping worldwide may scare you. Sometimes it’s a pain because of lack of space for all boxes, misunderstanding with logistics partners, and delivery problems. Amazon offers the FBA program that can help you get rid of all these worries.

With this option, you can keep calm and allow someone else to do all the dirty job for you. FBA goes for “Fulfillment by Amazon” – the company’s employees store, pack, ship, and provide customer support. The best thing about this program is that headache isn’t yours anymore. You get enough time to concentrate on essential goals like making money on Amazon and building an empire, for example.

The company has over 100 warehouses on the territory of the US. You have to send products to the assigned center, and Amazon’s specialists will take care of them. Employees will find a place for your items, store them, pack into labeled boxes, and ship to customers. Besides, caring experts do their best to help buyers get a brilliant experience with the company. Support managers contact shoppers to get feedback about the service and product.

FBA is a practical solution in many senses. But you should consider storage and fulfillment fees. You will have to cover charges for every item you ship to a warehouse. And a sum may be rather high in case your products are kept there for too long. That’s why it will work best if your budget is enough to cover expenses and your goods are in high demand.

 The program has amazingly helpful features, but how to make money on Amazon FBA? First of all, you have to choose a successful product that will bring you income. The recommendations will help you determine the best item for sale:

Consider that you’ll have to conduct comprehensive research before starting a business on Amazon. Explore the competitors, best-selling products, keywords with high search volume to become successful on the platform. You can try the following helpful tools to ease the investigation process:

1. IO Scout

This revolutionary software will help you find an answer to the question, “What can I sell on Amazon to make money?” . IO Scout Product Database gives access to over 150 million products on the platform – analyze the niche by applying filters, including revenue, stock status, sales, and reviews. Get accurate data within seconds and choose the most successful items to perform on the platform.

2. Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout generates reports on millions of items offered on Amazon. Find best-selling products, track the ones you’re interested in, and spy the competitors. With the app calculator, you can quickly count FBA fees and prepare your budget for expenses in advance.

3. Helium 10

Helium 10 offers helpful tools with amazing features, like product research, listing optimization, keyword estimation, and many more. Look for items with high potential, determine the niche, and stand out from the crowd with one of the performed apps. Their tools give sellers a perfect experience on Amazon.

3. Private Label Products

This model of Amazon business works well if you manufacture products by yourself or have a reliable partner. Private Label means that you produce pre-existing goods and put your logo on them. The best way to make money on Amazon is by offering things that have better qualities rather than advancing alternative variants. You can improve the characteristics and show the customers that your brand provides the solution to their pain points.

How to make a choice, come up with a better item, and compete with other companies? Search the insights in testimonials and reviews – customers will point at the problem you can resolve. For example, buyers didn't like the quality of a knitted hat. It’s stretching, changing shape, and losing color. Analyze this information, find yarn of higher quality, and promote a new product. Customers will love it!

4. Become a wholesaler

The wholesale business is as popular as the previous model. Except in this case, you don’t have to manufacture products or ask someone to do that. You buy goods in bulk from another company at low prices and offer them at a more expensive cost. Many entrepreneurs prefer this way of making money selling on Amazon because it’s not a time-consuming option. They purchase ready-made things and don’t have to wait until they are produced.

5. Write and sell books

If you haven’t ever been a good writer, this option may seem strange and too far from reality at first sight. But you’ll be more than surprised by the fact that you can sell books on Amazon and get a good passive income. This method of earning money on the platform works fantastically, and that’s why we included it in our list. Let’s take a glance at the main aspects of this model.

How to make money selling books on Amazon? The company offers a few free options to people who want to promote their works here. You can choose to sell eBooks, audiobooks , or printed books . Publish your writings for free, as Amazon doesn’t take money for this service.

If you’re a Kindle lover, then you will like the opportunity to publish your eBook within only 5 minutes. It’s hard to imagine, but it will be available for millions of readers no longer than in 24-48 hours . You own the rights to set prices and make changes whenever you want to.

Once you decided to publish your stories on paper through Amazon, be ready that it will take a few days. But after this, you can start your advertising campaign and sell your book worldwide. If you choose this type of publishing, you also own copyright and decide on prices.

Audiobooks are also extremely popular nowadays. So, it’s a chance to allow someone to hear your thoughts. Create audiobooks and offer them on Amazon, iTunes, and Audible.

When picking what to write about in your book, consider things you know the best. If you specialize in a particular field, invite the reader to dive into this world and share your experience. Describe your background, uncover the secrets behind the curtains of your profession, or tell how to make successful steps in business.

Professional writers will benefit from this option more than others. It may be expensive to publish your book in other countries, but with Amazon, everything becomes easier. Sell your novels to customers based in different parts of the world and gain popularity rapidly.

6. Offer Handmade Items

Creative people are often curious, “How to make money with Amazon?” If you craft clothes, accessories, cups, or some other stuff, then you’ll be glad to find out that Amazon has a special offer for you. Handmade Amazon is designed for those creating unique products. It’s a chance to find customers in any country and perform something exclusive

This business model is a wonderful solution for crafters who strive to become famous around the world. If you produce items quickly or have employees, then you’ll be able to ship products without delay and gain the love of customers. But you should also consider fees and other expenses you will have to cover.

7. Join the Affiliate Program

Bloggers should read this information attentively because it’s their chance to learn how to make money on Amazon without selling. You may become one of the company’s associates by adding links leading to its website pages in your posts and reviews. But your blog or website should have a connection with the product you’re writing about. Otherwise, readers will find it strange why a travel blogger adds links to a page with baby toys, for example.

The more people are reading your blog, the more chances you have to earn money with the Amazon associates program . They will click the link and be redirected to the page with a product. Customers will buy the advertised item, and you will obtain the affiliate fee.

This program is a great opportunity for bloggers to get an additional source of money. You can join it for free and add the received links to any of the reviews describing the topics connected with an item. So, if you have a large audience and know how to make money with the help of Amazon, go for it!

8. Sell Your Designs

When searching for what to sell on Amazon to make money, remember that manufacturing and ordering things from a supplier isn’t the only variant. If you’re a designer and have plenty of creative ideas, this method of doing business on the platform might work perfectly for you. Show your imagination level to the world, and make people love your artworks.

How to make money by offering your designs on Amazon? Start with uploading a picture, then select a product type, color, and describe it. This item will appear on the website, and customers will be able to add it to a cart. You won’t need to produce things solely. Amazon does it all for you. Once a shopper buys a T-shirt with the designs you’ve created, the company handles manufacturing, delivery, and supporting services. The sold items will bring additional cash to your wallet.

9. Retail Arbitrage

It’s hard to believe, but some people earn millions in this business. How to make money selling on Amazon if you pick retail arbitrage? Look for sales at the closest supermarket and sell products at a higher cost than you bought them. There are specialized sites that inform about goods liquidation in different stores, so you can surf the Internet and find reliable sources.

Last-minute shoppers often look for the needed items on Amazon. If it's connected with some holiday, get prepared and purchase the top-selling things in advance. It’s a popular and practical way to receive the desired income and increase your budget.

10. Join the Influencer Program

We’ve found an answer to the riddle of “Can you make money selling on Amazon?” and now, let’s take a glance at another method to increase earnings without offering goods. If you like sharing your thoughts and want to provide the recommendations on different gadgets or other items, consider the Influencer Program . In this way, you’ll get a passive money source and help others to choose high-quality things.

How to make money with the program? Everything starts with an application for membership. Then Amazon creates an Influencer’s page on the website. They generate a custom URL that is easy to remember and use on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Take readers to the recommended things by sharing links in your posts. When buyers purchase items through your storefront, you obtain a financial reward.

Before making you an Influencer, Amazon will check your social media accounts on Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook. They consider how many followers you have, the engagement rate, and other metrics that help to figure out whether you meet their requirements. If everything is fine with these details, then nothing stands in your way!

11. Fulfill Tasks on Mechanical Turk

It sounds weird, but Amazon’s Mechanical Turk or MTurk is a place where you can receive requests for the fulfillment of different assignments. While many tasks are completed automatically or with the help of software, these have another nature. A client may ask you to create categories, make descriptions, participate in a survey, and many more.

How to make money on Amazon Mechanical Turk? Even though this platform has a funny name, its features make it possible to improve your financial situation. Execute assignments and earn cash. Entrepreneurs set the prices along with the description of a task so that you will understand how much you’ll obtain.

MTurk is a convenient option for both businesses and people who want to earn extra cash remotely. For entrepreneurs, it takes time to find and hire a person who will moderate content or conduct research. And those desiring to refill budget and work from the comfort of their homes appreciate the chance to find a job quickly. You don’t get serious responsibilities, but easily make money on Amazon Turk – it’s possible to receive up to $10 per hour on this platform.

12. Remote Jobs at Amazon

If you don’t sell anything but desire to figure out how to make money on Amazon, then we have great news for you. They have positions that don’t require your presence at their office. It’s a perfect opportunity to work for one of the best companies of all times, get a flexible schedule, and refill your wallet. And the most attractive thing about it – you don’t need to leave your house and spend hours fighting against traffic jams to enter the office door.

Amazon has specific requirements for those willing to join their team. If you want to become their employee, notice that only people based in particular areas are eligible. Otherwise, they can’t hire you. You have to be qualified for the position, and your English must be good enough to communicate with colleagues and customers.

Work as many hours as you can remotely – they offer a flexible schedule. And the responsibilities include customer support, account management, and the tech sphere. That’s why an applicant must have an excellent Internet connection and phone to be able to cope with tasks quickly.

Remote jobs at Amazon are a perfect solution for people who are searching for a way to make money. The average price per hour here is $10 . So, it may be a nice variant of getting additional income.

13. Deliver Orders for Amazon Flex

There are many tactics to make money selling on Amazon, as well as ways to increase earnings without promoting anything. And delivery service is one of our favorite methods because everyone who has a car and free hours can get some cash. Amazon Flex is designed for drivers who can deliver products to shoppers.

Have you ever received an ordered item on the same day? Probably, you’ve been wondering how they managed to deliver it so fast. Well, it was the Amazon Flex partner who took care of your package and brought it to your door.

If you have a car, enough space in it, and the Flex app on your smartphone, you can apply for membership. The sum you receive depends on the number of boxes you take. Usually, drivers earn $18-25 per hour.

Now, you understand how to make money with Flex and it’s also worth attention because you can combine it with your regular job. Set working hours to create harmony in your schedule. But take into account that Flex is available only for applicants who are based in particular areas.

Final Thoughts

How much money can you make selling on Amazon? The answer is more than you could ever wish! It’s a perfect spot for an entrepreneur with ambitions, as millions of shoppers visit this platform every day. Product with high potential is a key to their hearts and a chance to gain the popularity you’ve always been dreaming of.

Many marketplaces concentrate on sales and purchases. But Amazon offers much more to those seeking how to make money. It’s a place where you can find a job, promote your artwork, and even become an influencer. Everything is possible here, so don’t miss an occasion to earn cash through Amazon.

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