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Making sure your efforts are not fruitless and that your products are successfully marketed is what all Amazon sellers desire. ...

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Making sure your efforts are not fruitless and that your products are successfully marketed is what all Amazon sellers desire. Managing your own Amazon activity is almost impossible without using respective software, such as Jungle Scout. However, although Jungle Scout is one of the most discussed apps, it is far not the only one.

Some Jungle Scout alternatives can brilliantly perform the same functions and make you get even more out of your selling activity. In essence, IO Scout is the tool to assist you in optimizing listings, performing keyword research, and boosting sales, and it is the best alternative to Jungle Scout.

IO Scout vs Jungle Scout - A Pricing Overview

Apparently, price is one of the essential indicators that allow one to make decisions regarding the software for business. So, choosing a Jungle Scout alternative implies conducting a price analysis in order to make relevant business decisions. To make the difference precise, take a look at the pricing overview below.

What is similar

Regarding the similarities between Jungle Scout itself and a Jungle Scout alternative, it is essential to mention that both are cost-effective . Additionally, IO Scout and Jungle Scout have a very similar pricing strategy in common. In essence, both plans offer yearly and monthly subscriptions, provided that you can save a great deal of finance by choosing the yearly one.

Both apps include  three types of subscriptions  with a different price for each. Thus, prices are not too high, meaning that everyone can afford it. Of course, if you are a nascent entrepreneur or just approaching Amazon selling activity, you can choose a Jungle Scout free alternative to assist your business. However, be aware that you will get limited features.

What is different

An alternative to Jungle Scout comprises three subscription plans: Start-up, Seller, and Business ( 29, 49, and $69  respectively). About Jungle Scout itself, it offers Extension, Jungle Scout, and Jungle Scout & Extension plans ( 39, 49, and $69  respectively). Apparently, IO Scout is not a free Jungle Scout alternative, but is comparatively cheaper. Nevertheless, it is fundamental to outline the main points that each subscription offers.

IO Scout, as of the popular alternatives to Jungle Scout, includes a very fair and cost-friendly  start-up  plan. For only 29$, you can instantly get access to 120 million products database, as well as to conduct as many searches as you wish. In comparison, the Jungle scout includes only ten searches within its cheapest plan. The same regards the number of products you can track. Jungle scout alternative - IO Scout - allows you to track 25 products, whereas the Jungle Scout itself makes it possible to track a maximum of 3.

Seller  option allows one to track 45 products from 5 different devices. Also, the plan includes a  Chrome extension , making it much easier to use the software and stay alert.

The most expensive Business option is perfect for those who have an interest in tracking a significant number of products and doing this from various devices. And, of course, all three plans allow maintaining a 24/7 communication with support.

Drawing the bottom line, you can save 50% of your money if you choose yearly Jungle Scout payment, and 62.5% if you subscribe to a Jungle Scout alternative - IO Scout - annual plan.

Why IO Scout is the best alternative to Jungle Scout?

You have probably already dealt with or only come across multiple Jungle Scout alternatives. Needless to say, all of them are believed to have very peculiar features as well as to serve various business purposes. Nevertheless, IO Scout is presumably the top Jungle Scout alternative in terms of its cost effectiveness and accessibility. Some other points contribute to the IO Scout indispensability.

You can track multiple products simultaneously

To get the most out of an Amazon selling activity, one needs to monitor multiple products at the same time. That is essential to get instantly informed on the smallest fluctuations in the niche and to understand how competitors behave.

While Jungle Scout software is capable of tracking from three to ten products simultaneously, a Jungle Scout alternative can track up to 85 different goods. The latter can be an ultimate benefit since getting sufficient return on Amazon activity implies selling appropriate products. Thus, you get a chance to spy on your competitors and get a clear vision of their selling strategy.

This Jungle scout alternative is an excellent software for those who intend to get the most accurate product representation and make relevant business decisions.

Get the most cost-effective app

An alternative to Jungle Scout web app, IO Scout might quickly help you to cut down on the number of own costs you spend on software for your Amazon business. The main distinction between jungle scout and its alternative app is the price you need to pay. Although this Jungle Scout alternative is not totally free of charge, its price is significantly lower in comparison with relevant software.

Another crucial point is that you can still get access to multiple useful features, but only for a smaller price. For instance, you get an opportunity to carry out as much researches as you wish and get the trend data on the product that interests you.

Find the most potential, winning products

Performing complex research and ending up with finding the most relevant, profitable product to sell is a keystone to success. With this alternative app, you can now easily research keywords and research products in a matter of a few seconds. IO Scout serves the purpose of helping you find products with a  minimum competition  but the  highest revenues  possible. Following this further, you can refine the quality of searches by connecting with ten searches at the same time. Overall, this alternative will let you boost profits by giving you access to more than  150 million  Amazon products and helping you to find top-selling ones.

Use extensive historical data

An ability to identify trends and quickly make business decisions based on historical data often turns out to be the fundamental step towards success. Therefore, making sure you can get access to the historical product data can be undeniably beneficial for your Amazon selling activity.

IO Scout, which is very similar to Jungle Scout, provides you with access to  historical data , making it easier for you to conduct comparative product analysis. The latter is needed to make as precise business decisions as possible.

This alternative software allows you to take a look at how sales change over time. Most importantly, the information updates every hour, so you won’t miss any critical point.

Easily analyze listings

Convenience and an ability to  perform searches straight away  make an app much loved. Due to the fact that a Jungle Scout alternative makes it possible to analyze listings and analyze niche data from the Amazon webpage, IO Scout is one of the most user-friendly software types.

Once you install the IO Scout Chrome extension, you become capable of obtaining all the necessary data merely without leaving the product’s page. Thus, bookmarking and analyzing listings can now be much faster as well as an efficient process.

Final Thoughts

The success of your Amazon activity heavily depends on the type of software you use. IO Scout is incredibly useful tool for predicting future sales and defining the most optimal products to sell. This alternative tool can be significantly better for those who want to get all the Jungle Scout’s features but for a more agreeable price. Set your sights on this Jungle Scout alternative to building a solid reputation as a seller while boosting your own profits.

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