Helium 10 vs AMZ Metrics - Which Product is Better?

The battle of FBA tools is finally here! Follow our Helium 10 vs AMZ Metrics review to know which tool wins the hearts of sellers with best prices and feat

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Amazon is one of the most competitive marketplaces in 2020. Staying on the top of sales in the niches where competitors are monitoring trends is the task of every FBA seller who wishes to maintain the operation and improve revenues. In today’s comparison, we examine two seller tools that include product tracking, competition analysis, and reputation monitoring at once. Helium 10 vs AMZ metrics is in today’s focus to find which selling tool is better for modern sellers.

Helium 10 vs AMZ Metrics - Pricing Overview

Both products offer flexible pricing models, from basic plans to monthly and annual subscriptions. However, Helium 10 pricing and AMZ Metrics price tag are different. Below, we outline the current prices of both tools:

Helium 10

The price net of Helium 10 offers two plans that meet the needs of most sellers:

Monthly Plan

Annual Plan


AMZ Metrics

The pricing of AMZ Metrics also includes two plans that are fine enough for the majority of sellers:

Monthly Plan (25% OFF)

Annual Plan (62.5% OFF)

AMZ Metrics vs Helium 10 Comparison

As you can see from the information above, Helium 10 has higher-tier plans in terms of final price compared to AMZ Metrics. It makes the service a costlier solution compared to AMZ Metrics, which plays in the affordable FBA seller tool league . It also makes the challenge of AMZ Metrics vs Helium 10 compelling and challenging for the latter.

What is similar?

Both tools have in stock the common features typical for an FBA sales tracking tool. Helium 10 extension and AMZ metrics have the tools that save the day for the majority of sellers who need systematic approach in controlling the operation.

Database Analysis Tool

Software like AMZ Metrics has the instrument for Amazon product research. It exists to allow FBA sellers find out which items stand out more than the others. Helium 10 alternative does the same thing, it’s called the Black Box. AMZ Metrics gives access to 150+ million items on the platform. You can check ASINs, profitable positions, and the products that start trending the next season. Filtering options include price, ASIN, stock, revenue estimates, sales, and reputation. In general, both sales trackers have the tool that finds a profitable product for those who want to invest in one.

Product Tracker Trends Insights

Both platforms offer tracker solutions that allow you to keep an eye on the changes for individual products or the whole Amazon segment. AMZ Metrics competitors have already included the feature while this service has done it recently. In Helium 10, you can also apply filters to the existing categories or individual products. No need to perform manual research - everything that changes under the filter configuration is automatically detected and reported back to you in real time.

Chrome Extension

As an alternative to AMZ metrics, Helium 10 also offers Chrome extension. Basically, this is a small in-browser window that opens up for every page on Amazon where products are displayed. With the help of Chrome extension, you can perform product research in the live mode, create custom listings, get insights on data from the webpages on Amazon, and save your time when on-the-go analysis is needed.

What is different?

The main difference is in the positioning of the products by each sales tracker. While AMZ Metrics offers essential tools that have micro features included into one entity, Helium 10 chose the alternative path. They decided to split the functionality from larger instruments into smaller tools. This is why they emphasize on fancy names like profitability calculator, trendster, or review downloader. But that’s mostly for the sake of marketing rather than applicability. AMZ Metrics is more old-fashioned and classic in the positioning of their tools, that’s evident.

Why AMZ Metrics is the best alternative to Helium 10

Looking at the comparison above, we vow for AMZ Metrics as a better alternative to Helium 10. The service overtakes the hand of leadership from Helium 10 because its more cost-effective and transparent in terms of seller user experience. We’ve got some other winning points for giving the title of the best seller tool to AMZ Metrics in today’s review:

Cost-Wise FBA Tool

AMZ Metrics has a very humble price tag for monthly and yearly subscriptions. Amazon business selling analytics is effort-consuming and requires not only your time. AMZ Metrics knows that the price to pay for being an FBA seller is high. This is why they want to ease the experience for beginners who do not have enough cash to kickstart sales in promising niches. Helium 10 targets professionals who are familiar with FBA selling not through rumors.


Winning Products at the Palm of Your Hand

The product tracking solution of AMZ Metrics outstands the one of Helium 10. The tool is designed conveniently, so the research of the relevant and profitable goods won’t take too long. The seller benefits of AMZ Metrics are the discovery of products with low competition and high revenue estimates. Moreover, AMZ Metrics allows users to perform up to 10 search queries at the same time. This is the level of performance for getting access to 150 + million products that we expected.


Insights into Historical Data

AMZ Metrics is very close to the history tracking function of Helium 10. You can find trends that will drive the decisions to enter the competition in certain niches. When getting the access to historical data on Amazon, you can conduct the product analysis in contrast to each other very quickly. The info is updated every hour, so you’ll get the latest numbers on the prices of goods on Amazon.


Convenient Listing Analysis

The listing analytics solution by AMZ Metrics wins with convenience and real-time implementation. After using the Chrome extension, you’ll forget what it’s like to copy and paste data repeatedly from one product and category page to another. We enjoyed their extension because you can get the hand on product data without leaving the browser. Data importing and exporting are automated and do not need manual processing - you’re in full control of the data flows.


Final Thoughts

Amazon FBA is not the easiest way to make cash. The business activity requires manual action and constant control - that might be a daunting task. With the help of the tools like AMZ Metrics, prediction of the upcoming sales and selection of optimal products to sell is much easier. The price of the subscription is affordable even for beginners. Generally, we declare AMZ Metrics a better option than Helium 10 for all FBA sellers.

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