AMZScout vs AMZ Metrics - Which is Better?

Looking for an effective tool to open new horizons for your Amazon business? In this article, we compare two popular instruments – AMZScout vs AMZ Metrics

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With a large number of identical items in the market, sellers face low demand and tough competition – and this situation kills their business. But how to select the right product and survive amidst this marketing storm? One thing we know for sure - you won’t cope without helpful software . In this AMZScout vs AMZ Metrics comparison article, we’ll discuss prices and features of these two excellent tools.

AMZScout vs AMZ Metrics - Pricing Overview

When selecting the tool, the price plays an essential role. Let’s take a look at AMZMetrics vs AMZScout costs. It’s up to you which scheme to choose, but remember that higher prices may include more features.

What is similar?

Both Amz Metrics and AMZScout price depends on a package you prefer. These tools have three plans each. The pricing model looks like this:

amazon tools

amz scout x4

What is different?

Although the second tool wins in the AMZMetrics vs AMZ Scout pricing battle, you still have to pay attention to features. The first software offers more products in a tracker. For example, the Start-up package has 25 items, Seller – 45, and Business – 85. There’s no need to buy Chrome extension separately, unlike AMZ Scout. The Seller and Business packages include this feature.

Why AMZ Metrics Is the Best Alternative to AMZScout

At first glance, it seems like these two tools have many things in common, but it’s not totally true. AMZScout is an excellent AMZMetrics alternative, but the second software has more benefits. Let’s explore them:

1. Advanced product search

amzscout pro

With AMZ Metrics, you get access to over 150 million goods launched on Amazon. Compare prices, check the demand, view products with high potential – it’s only the tip of an iceberg. Of course, AMZScout offers many features similar to AMZMetrics, but this software has the best algorithm that allows a user to get accurate data within seconds. Apply the preferable filters, including cost, inventory status, sales, testimonials, and other details.

2. Calculate FBA fees

amazon products

AMZ Metrics is an effective alternative to the AMZScout FBA calculator. When storing goods at Amazon’s fulfillment center, it’s important to know which sum you’ll have to pay. Calculate fees with the help of the AMZ Metrics tool, and you’ll be able to prepare your budget in advance. The sum you’ll have to cover depends on the product weight and size, period, shipment charges, and many more. Use the software to find out the exact price. With this information, it’s easier to identify the product to offer through Amazon. AMZScout calculator is a helpful instrument too, but AMZ Metrics has proven the accuracy of the provided data.

3. Estimate your sales

amazon products

Predict a number of sales and the future of your business on Amazon. This feature allows you to compare your store to other players in the market, avoid investment risks, and receive important insights. Of course, you can use the AMZScout profit calculator, but the AMZ Metrics sales estimator gives you a deeper understanding of the market and your business. Improve your strategy by exploiting the obtained data, identify the most popular goods, and explore the competition. It’s the best alternative to the AMZScout sales estimator, as you can quickly analyze your chances for success with the picked item.

4. The convenience of the Chrome extension

amzscout extension

AMZMetrics Chrome extension allows you to investigate, track goods, spy other brands, and analyze the information directly on the website of the marketplace. This option helps you save time because you can forget about switching between a tool and a platform. Make sure you’re ahead of the latest trends, check the top-selling products, and create listings right after you install the extension. AMZScout Chrome extension is also a nice option, but it costs a lot. AMZ Metrics offers this feature as a part of Seller and Business packages.

5. Check the historical data

amzscout fba calculator

You can try to find AMZ Scout free alternative, but it won’t be better than AMZ Metrics. With the help of this revolutionary tool, you get tons of essential data. Analyze the market according to the reports based on the history of a particular product. Choose appropriate periods and items to see how the situation with sales has been changing. This data will help you build a winning business plan and increase income. The advantages of AMZScout for Amazon sellers may be overrated because it’s hard to compete with the data accuracy of AMZ Metrics.

6. Monitor the market

amazon tools

Although it’s possible to find an alternative to AMZMetrics, this tool provides some cutting-edge features. For example, you can choose the groups of goods and compare them according to such details as rankings, costs, and sales. Since millions of items are available for research, you have a fantastic opportunity to pick the product that will be in high demand on Amazon.

Final Thoughts

Both AMZScout and AMZ Metrics are an effective solution for sellers who want to sell goods through Amazon. Although the first tool seems to be cheaper, a list of provided features differs anyway. Sellers can essentially benefit from picking AMZ Metrics, as this software connects them with millions of items represented on the marketplace within seconds. Besides, it allows you to get essential insights based on historical data.

No one can stop you from searching for a free alternative to AMZMetrics, but remember that these tools won’t give you the benefits offered by this software. Its algorithm helps the tool generate accurate reports. It’s never been easier and quicker to evaluate the market according to sales details, prices, and other essential data.

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