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What is Amazon Sales Rank?
Best Seller Rank (BSR) and Amazon Sales Rank (ASR) - What's the Difference?
How to Calculate Amazon Sales Rank?
How to Improve Sales Rank on Amazon?
What Amazon Sales Rank should be Used for?

When starting a business on Amazon, you may be scared of competition or risks that surround the e-commerce world. As far as it’s the international platform, you’ll have to prepare yourself for the relentless struggle. Of course, lady luck may be on your side if you’ve chosen an exclusive product that is of high demand. But in case the category is already occupied by reasonably priced items with the same characteristics, you’ll have to do your best to forge ahead.

In this article, we’ll explain all the details connected with the Amazon sales rank . Learn how to leverage the marketplace and increase sales in this article. Success is waiting for you around the corner, so keep on reading for more information.

What is Amazon Sales Rank?

If you’re a newbie on Amazon, you might be intrigued – what’s the sales rank and why you should care about it? In simple words, it’s a chart that demonstrates how your product sells in the selected category. Amazon compares millions of items from one section and generates the report which reflects the state of affairs in the market.

Amazon rank is a number from 1 to over 1 million below your product. Let’s take a look at the example (the screenshot) – you can see that the performance of this sweatshirt is excellent. And the product you’re looking at occupies top places in three categories, so it’s in demand. As you can see, the sweatshirt is #1 in three sections – Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry, Men’s Shops, and Men’s Athletic Hoodies. It’s also the third purchased item in the Outdoor Recreation category. However, you should remember that the results are displayed in categories and sub-categories. Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry is the main section, in this case. Overall, if you see high numbers like #1000 and more, it means that there are many items with the same characteristics, and the competition is tough.

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what is a good amazon sales rank

Your product can be even somewhere on the 1560th place in the Amazon sales rank list, but you shouldn’t get worried about it. The chart is updated every hour, so the situation may change soon. At the same time, it’s necessary to consider this information and think about the improvement of your business plan. Otherwise, customers will keep on picking someone else’s items, and your store will get lower in the ranking list.

Best Seller Rank (BSR) and Amazon Sales Rank (ASR) - What's the Difference?

Once you’ve heard about BSR, you might be confused by the appearance of some Amazon sales rank (ASR). In this case, you need to keep calm, because these two lists demonstrate the same information. The only difference is that BSR goes for top-selling items in a category – those rated #1, #2, and #3 . And ASR is a common determiner for all the products launched on the platform

You should take into account both BSR and ASR of goods on Amazon. The first chart will show you the dominant competitors in the category, and the second list explains how well your product is promoted here. With the help of BSR, you see the selling potential of goods as compared to other items on the website. And the sales rank Amazon takes into account items in one category and sub-category so that you could see the purchase picture in the niche.

How to Calculate Amazon Sales Rank?

There’s no exhaustive answer that explains how exactly Amazon sales rank is calculated. Theories are still surrounding this question, but we’ll try to discuss the main factors that influence the formation of a chart. It’s not a surprise that this rank is based on sales and the historical purchase data. Amazon doesn’t uncover the secret how products are valued, but we know that the following factors aren’t taken into account when the marketplace generates the sales rank report:

Although the purchase history plays a significant role in the formation of ASR, recent sales are more valuable. Products that demonstrate high demand bring you excellent results – the item will be highly rated in a chart. But if your goods were popular some time ago, and now a number of sales is lower, the historical data won’t let Amazon’s algorithms estimate them poorly. However, the frequency of purchases remains uncertain, as some people say that the last 12 hours matter. And others are sure that the report is based on the sales accumulated during the day.

You can use the Amazon sales rank calculator to figure out how the situation in a category has been changing over time. As you can see, the marketplace compares the sales information depending on a particular period. After Amazon estimates the value of each item, it puts them in the appropriate order.

How to Improve Sales Rank on Amazon?

A good Amazon sales rank is a result of the excellent performance of a product. It means that customers buy your items very often, and you regularly demonstrate a brilliant estimation rate. The Amazon sales rank tracker is a perfect option for those striving to explore the history and spy the competitors. And here are a few other recommendations that will help you change the situation for the best:

1. Consider joining FBA

FBA allows you to try different benefits to leave other entrepreneurs behind. For example, Amazon becomes responsible for packing, storing, shipping, and customer service. All your goods get the Prime logo that informs buyers about quick delivery. Shoppers will buy your products – the number of sales will increase, and the position in the Amazon sales rank list will get higher too.

2. Pick products that are sold all year round

Many sellers in your category prefer seasonal business. And if you use the Amazon sales rank tool, you see that their products were popular during the Christmas or St Valentine’s Day period. Remember that history matters, and it’s better to get regular sales. Consider choosing products that will be in high demand all year round.

3. Research the market

Comprehensive research is an integral part of business, so you have to prepare for hours of investigation and analysis. When evaluating the market, you get essential data that helps you build business plans and get a high Amazon sales rank. And we recommend you to implement the following strategies:

4. Your products should be in stock

Take care of the availability of your products – no one would like to wait for the item for ages. People want to get products here and now, so you have to be sure that you can quickly ship orders. Shoppers will buy goods because they can receive them in time.

What Amazon Sales Rank should be Used for?

Beginners can essentially benefit from using the ASR data. For example, if you are planning to sell books through the marketplace, you have the chance to check the demand. Research the history, and you’ll see how well this product performs on the website. With the Amazon book sales rank calculator, you can check the chart and your competitors. This information will help you make the right decision. Use the received data as a weapon to enter the market with a product that already demonstrates high potential here. And if you sell goods on Amazon, the ASR is the key to a wise strategy – you can fix business problems and improve your product with it.


What is a good Amazon sales rank?

Your product is doing well on the platform if its number in the Amazon sales rank chart is low. #1, #2 , and #3 are top-selling items. Meanwhile, goods that are rated #15 are behind the competitors who occupy the other 14 places in a ranking list.

How often is the Amazon sales rank updated?

The information is updated hourly. You don’t have to be disappointed by the results because everything may change soon.

Is it possible to increase my Amazon sales rank?

You can increase your ASR by boosting your sales. Use a helpful tool to see the calculation history, research the market, and take care of the availability of your goods.

How to find Amazon sales rank?

Enter the product page and scroll down to the place where the description is positioned. You’ll see the section with the details – the ASR is below this information.

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