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Product Database

Conduct Amazon product research and find out which items are more popular than others. You get access to more than 150 million items – investigate, determine the most profitable ones, and offer products with the highest potential. Reduce risks and the possibility to make a false choice by finding the best selling opportunities. You will never go wrong with AMZ Metrics Amazon Seller Guide.

Check the Amazon product database before deciding what to promote on the largest marketplace. With our Amazon product finder, you will quickly determine successful items in the market. Filter by the preferred characteristics – price, stock status, revenue, reviews, sales, or sellers. Get detailed information on each item from the platform within seconds.

Product Tracker

Keep track of items and changes in the niche by applying the filters of Amazon product finder software. No need to conduct research manually and spend hours in front of the screen of your laptop. Set bookmarks and monitor the performance of hundreds and thousands of products

Divide products into groups and watch the best selling items in the niche you’re interested in. Our data-driven solutions will help you select the best path for your brand and dominate the market

Monitor items and essential details, including prices, rankings, and sales. The software generates data that helps choose an appropriate category, niche, or goods. Amazon product finder displays the necessary information within seconds and updates it hourly. Use the insights you receive to be sure of your future business decisions

Trends and History

AMZ Metrics Amazon Seller Guide provides you information that bring success. Dive into history with the Amazon product research tool – it helps you keep up with the times and see how trends have been changing over the years. Set the filters and find out everything you wanted to know about them. Easily analyze the niche and make a forecast for the future.

Identify which item will be more profitable than others by conducting Amazon market research. The tool generates accurate data that gives you an understanding of the background of promoted products. Keep a finger on the pulse and stay ahead of market changes.

Chrome Extension

Conduct Amazon FBA product research, create listings, and analyze data directly on the platform. Chrome extension saves your time considerably, as there’s no need to leave the website. You get access to all software features, including Amazon product analysis, trend tracking, and item search. Create listings, monitor the best-selling items, and check how the competitors are doing with the help of Chrome Extension

FBA Calculator

FBA calculator is a tool helps you accurately predict true profits from Amazon selling activity. AMZ Metrics Guide is here to help you with calculating your Amazon fees and decide on the pricing strategy.

Amazon Sales Estimator

AMZ Metrics Amazon Seller Guide helps Amazon sellers get the clearest forecasts about the product performance in terms of future sales. AMZ Metrics Guide provides you information on how to calculate the product’s sales based on its category and BSR in no time


Who is AMZ Metrics Amazon Seller Guide for?

AMZ Metrics Amazon Seller Guide for arbitrage, Private Label, and dropshipping business. The Amazon Seller Guide perfectly works for both starters and experienced sellers. It helps discover new ideas and come up with profitable items, find outstanding business opportunities and increase income.

Can I trust AMZ Metrics Amazon Seller Guide?

A lot of sellers have chosen AMZ Metrics Amazon Seller Guide, and they remained satisfied with its tips.

How accurate is AMZ Metrics Amazon Seller Guide?

The AMZ Metrics Guide provide only valid information. With its help, you can conduct comprehensive research and get accurate estimation based on the item revenue, price, testimonials, stock inventory, and many more.

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