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What is Amazon Seller Central?
Setting up Seller Central Amazon Account
Choosing Products to Sell on Amazon
Amazon Seller Central - Key Dashboard Features
Amazon FBA - Choosing Your Option
Amazon Seller Central Mobile App
Wrapping up

Many people decide to launch their businesses instead of working for somebody. And no wonder why they choose Amazon to sell their products – it’s the direct way to success. Look at the categories and products promoted on the platform, and you’ll see that it’s possible to find even the weirdest items like pre-chewed pencils, for example. Unless your goods are in a list of forbidden items, you can offer anything here.

How to succeed on the platform? In this article, you’ll find the exhaustive information about Amazon Seller Central. Learn how it works, how to create an account, and what product to promote through the platform.

What is Amazon Seller Central?

If you don’t want to be a vendor but strive to sell goods directly to customers, then Amazon Seller Central is the ideal variant for you. Of course, everything may seem to be tricky for you because of a number of new details you’ll have to keep in mind. However, retailers essentially benefit from this option, and you’ll appreciate it as well. Let’s look closer at Amazon Seller Central and get detailed information about the main features and advantages.

When launching a business on this website, you realize that you’ll have to cope with different responsibilities, including payments, advertising, returns, and many more. Amazon Seller Central is a platform that helps you forget about the major entrepreneur’s pains. Does it sound interesting to you? Well, it’s not a surprise because you can join FBA that allows you to obtain the best experience with this marketplace.

As the Amazon central seller, you get access to the following features:

And it’s only the tip on an iceberg. FBA members pay fees and get the opportunity to delegate their duties connected with the shipment, customer support, packing, and storing. Your goods are kept in Amazon’s warehouse, and there’s no need to search for a place where you can leave boxes.

There's no doubt that the entrepreneur’s life gets easier with the marketplace. But before starting using all these features, it’s necessary to explore what Amazon offers to you. Keep on reading, and you’ll learn how to use Seller Central account like a pro.

Setting up Seller Central Amazon Account

It’s one of the easiest tasks you’ll have to fulfill on Amazon. If you know how to create the account for shopping on the website, you won’t face any problem when setting up the cabinet as a Seller. Before you start completing this mission, it’s necessary to make sure that you've prepared the information required by this platform. You’re obliged to provide the following details:

Once you’ve prepared everything and want to start selling goods through this marketplace, move to another step. Only a few simple procedures separate you from success. And here are the directions for setting up the Amazon Seller Central account:

  1. Enter Amazon’s website and find the “Start Selling” button.seller amazon central
  2. You can read the information provided by the company, and then fulfill the main task – account creation. Take a glance at the screenshot below, and you’ll see that it will take only a minute or less to provide the required central seller
  3. You’ve taken another step towards success, but it’s not the end of the setting up process. Now, you’ll have to fill all the gaps with the information we’ve mentioned above. If you considered our recommendations and prepared the necessary data, you won’t waste any minute. Provide the necessary information and complete the forms.
  4. Fill the section with the tax details – address, classification, your company’s name, and other essential data.
  5. Check the information you’ve just shared.

There’s nothing challenging about creating an Amazon Seller Central cabinet. Mention that you need only one account to promote goods in one region. But the chances are that you’ll have to create several cabinets to sell products on different continents.

Choosing Products to Sell on Amazon

Want to sell on Amazon but still don’t know what to offer to shoppers? Well, it may be a challenging path for an entrepreneur, as it’s easy to make a false choice and lose money. It will be a pity to waste time on something that doesn’t bring any income. So, it’s necessary to investigate the market and look at what’s already sold on the platform. Follow our recommendations because they're worth your attention:

1. Consider top-selling items

The best method to find goods that bring money to sellers is to research the market. A list of Amazon’s most popular products allows you to see the whole picture – you can find out which items are bought frequently. The example below informs us that Toys & Games is a popular category on the platform. Dominant brands like L.O.L. and Play-Doh occupy a special place in the customer’s hearts, so it may be hard to compete with these giants. But you can look at other top 100 products to get an idea of what to offer on Amazon. Even if you don’t choose any item, at least you’ll get a piece of inspiration to determine the direction for your business.

amazon seller central

2. Look for valuable insights

Have you ever dreamt of having an item that would solve some of your problems? We’ve all been there! When searching for an item to offer on the website, listen to yourself and think about a magic tool you need most of all. Then surf the Internet and visit different forums where customers discuss products represented in the market. Testimonials and reviews are like a box with surprise – you can find unexpected insights and understanding that many people face the same problem as you do. Although it’s a risky idea, creating a new item that helps people get rid of their pains may become your triumph.

Don’t worry if you don’t have an opportunity to sell a unique product. Look for negative comments to fix the existing problem or upgrade an item. For example, you can offer new materials, colors, or sizes with the help of Amazon Seller Center.

3. Use a helpful tool to find goods to sell through Amazon

The entrepreneur’s experience on Amazon turns into a pleasant walk with a cutting-edge instrument. IO Scout offers data-driven solutions to sellers who strive to have a perfect business picture. With this tool, you get access to millions of items launched on the platform. It seems like there’s an endless number of products here, but IO Scout fulfills an incredible task. The software allows you to track goods and get the data, including prices, stock details, sales, and many more. If you’ve chosen the item but still want to obtain the historical background, apply appropriate filters, and read the report generated by the tool. It’s comfortable to use it because you can install the Chrome extension and investigate what’s happening on Amazon directly on the site.

amazon seller central account

4. Pick small and lightweight items

The shipment fees belong to the most serious fees in business, and you might like the thought of reducing this sum. Size and weight influence the formation of a charge you’ll have to cover, so it’s better to pick something small. For example, we recommend considering products that are easily packed into a shoebox. This idea will help you spend less money on delivery services. By the way, durability also matters – choose goods that aren’t breakable. It’s a nice idea to sell mugs or glasses, but it’s necessary to think of packaging. It’s a pity if a customer gets a broken item.

5. The price shouldn’t be higher than $100

Some entrepreneurs think that the more expensive their product is, the more money it will bring. Of course, there’s a portion of truth in this opinion, but if you’re only starting your path with Amazon Seller Central, it’s better to pick a cheap item. It’s an excellent decision because the beginning is a testing period – you’ll see how profitable your product is. Besides, it’s a chance to be noticed by the category of people who buy goods impulsively.

Amazon Seller Central - Key Dashboard Features

Amazon Seller Central gives you vast opportunities to handle your business operations successfully. Practice is an excellent way to become an expert in this question, and our guide will lead you through the dark forest of its key features. Read about the major Amazon services in seller central:

1. Catalog

It’s something like the online warehouse for your goods – all your products are kept here. In this section, you can upload new items, create drafts and leave them to continue working on them later, or change the information. This feature also allows you to add goods that are already displayed on the website.

2. Inventory

In this tab, you obtain the most important data connected with your goods. Download reports directly from the site and always stay informed about your inventory. You’ll see how many products are left – act quickly and take care of the availability of your goods. It doesn’t matter if you're the FBA member or fulfill all the logistics tasks by yourself because the necessary data is provided anyway. And those aiming to perform their business globally will find helpful options to complete this mission.

3. Pricing

Here, you set the rules for your pricing scheme. This valuable feature is one of the core elements that form your business strategy. This dashboard allows sellers to create rules and set the prices according to the changes of the competitor’s costs. Track fee discounts and get all the perks of such offers.

4. Orders

All the details connected with your orders are kept here. In this section, you’ll see the information about the processing status, shipment, cancellation, and many more. The dashboard makes it easy to control your orders and find them with the help of specific information, including ID, customer’s email, and other characteristics.

5. Advertising

This section will become your favorite place because you’ll spend a lot of time here. Of course, it’s not a surprise that you have to do something more than just creating an account and downloading products. You must take care of the promotion of your goods, and this tab is the spot where you can create your campaigns and control them.

The Seller Central Amazon Advertising dashboard helps you draw a bright future for your brand. Create PPC campaigns, manage them manually or choose the automatic options, offer coupons, and try other features of the tab. With the help of the dashboard, you’ll be able to reach for the target audience quickly.

6. Reports

Here, you’ll get the information that will help you create a picture of how your business is doing on Amazon. Tax information, fees, invoices, transactions, sales analytics, and many more – now, you don’t have to collect this data manually. Amazon generates all the necessary reports that explain where the money went and how much you earned. You’ll also find the data about the advertising campaign cost, information about orders, stock status, and customer refunds.

7. Performance

Feedback from customers, messages, claims –this information is present here. You won’t miss any detail concerning the buyer’s experience because all the comments are stored in the “ Performance ” tab. Besides, Amazon will send you notifications to inform you about the disregard towards its policies. You know that this marketplace has strict requirements, and it doesn’t give a chance to those trying to cross the border.

Amazon FBA - Choosing Your Option

seller amazon central

The decision to sell your goods through Amazon ends up in two methods of how you’ll do it. The first, FBM variant is an ideal solution if you have proper infrastructure, time, and partnership connections because you’ll execute all the tasks solely. It means that you’ll have to organize the delivery matters by yourself. Entrepreneurs who launched a business a long time ago have a warehouse or another space where they keep all the goods. But in case you’re a newbie, it might be challenging to find an appropriate place to store boxes. And that’s why you may like another option – Amazon offers sellers to join the FBA program. The idea to pick it is an effective solution in the long run, as you can share your responsibilities with someone else.

Fulfillment by Amazon unites thousands or even millions of entrepreneurs who decided to use the features of the program. Having a business is always stressful, but this model allows you to forget about the most crucial aspects, including shipping, storing, packing, and communication with customers. When selecting the program, you let the advanced services surround your brand.

Amazon is a giant machine that has existed for more than twenty years. And its services are regularly updated and improved so that sellers and buyers could have brilliant experience here. If you choose FBA, all your goods are marked with the Prime logo that is a sign for shoppers. It means that these items will be delivered for free in the shortest terms – only in two days. Moreover, FBA goods get higher in the seller’s rank. Be sure that your items will be visible for millions of the website visitors – they will definitely notice them.

If you want to delegate duties and choose FBA, take into account the fact that you’ll have to cover the fees that go along with the offered services. Amazon forms prices for each seller depending on different aspects, including product weight, size, and seasonality. Paying for storage, shipping, and other services will become an obligatory task for you. Besides, every entrepreneur covers Amazon Seller Central fees. Pay $0.99 for each item sold through your store as the Individual Plan user, and $39.99 per month as a Professional Plan user.

amazon seller central

Amazon Seller Central Mobile App

It’s not a surprise that all business people are busy. You don’t have much free time and want to have the ability to execute different tasks on the go. Amazon provides sellers with the best experiences on the platform, and the mentioned features aren’t the only perks you can get here. Android and Apple users can essentially benefit from installing a specially developed software for operating their businesses. You can download the Amazon Seller Central app and manage your online store on the go.

Execute orders, check your sales, monitor the market, and pick what to offer on the website with the help of this application. It’s never been easier to control your business and build plans – your store is in your pocket now. You have an opportunity to check the feedback and answer the customer’s questions quickly. There’s no need to turn on your laptop to make sure that all the products are available because you can manage the inventory directly in the cabinet on your smartphone. Additionally, sellers fulfill the following tasks with the help of this app:

As you can see, this application allows you to enjoy all the major features of Amazon Seller Central. And the most attractive thing about it is that you can manage your business from wherever you are at the moment. Your online store is always with you – directly on your smartphone.

Wrapping up

If you’re only at the beginning of your path, then Amazon Seller Central might look like a dark forest for you. But you’ll move forward and very soon, you’ll see how convenient its features are. All the necessary information concerning your inventory, sales, prices, brand’s performance, and other details will be in your cabinet. And you’ll only have to turn on your laptop or smartphone to check what’s happening with your online store.

We hope that this guide will help you navigate Amazon Seller Central and progress with your business. If you learn how to use it properly, be sure that you’ll manage to create an empire with the help of this marketplace. So, don’t waste your time and start practicing now!


Is Amazon Seller Central free?

You have two options to choose from when launching a business on Amazon – Individual and Professional plans. The first variant is ideal for an entrepreneur who plans to sell a limited amount of products. They pay $0.99 for every item purchased from the store. The second package is formed for people who are ready to pay a monthly subscription fee. It costs $39.99.

How does Amazon Seller Central work?

Amazon Seller Central helps you manage your business. In a cabinet, you’ll find sections containing the information about your products, inventory, pricing, orders, and different reports. You can also create advertising campaigns and monitor the shopper’s feedback here.

What are the most selling items on Amazon?

A list of best-selling products is updated hourly – so, it’s hard to determine the most popular item. Traditionally, toys, Amazon’s devices, and books demonstrate a high purchase rate. When picking what to sell on the website, you can focus on something small and lightweight.

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