Amazon Sales Estimator: How Sales Estimator Works

Amazon sales estimator is the tool that helps FBA sellers to get the clearest forecasts about the product performance in terms of future sales.

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What is Amazon Sales Estimator
How does Amazon Sales Estimator Work?
What can Amazon Sales Estimator Do?

Amazon Sales Estimator is the key to predicting volumes for any product you distribute as a seller. Benefit from the power of automation when calculating the sales volume for all sorts of goods on Amazon.

What is Amazon Sales Estimator

This is the question many beginner sellers are getting puzzled with. Amazon sales rank estimator is the tool for precise forecasting of the volumes of the sold products sellers pick from different niches. What should good sales estimator Amazon bundle to be a versatile helper for sellers? It should cover the following features that make sales predictions possible:

The basic algorithm of a free Amazon sales estimator is the same in most cases. You choose the sales rank, target marketplace, and pick product category. Press the button and you have the data for sales performance review.

How does Amazon Sales Estimator Work?

The sales estimator uses the A9 ranking system of Amazon to deliver the model and volumes of sales of the total number of products that could be sold in  24 hours.  How precisely does the calculation happen? How long does it take? Are the results  100%  relevant? Below are the answers that describe any best Amazon sales estimator:

What can Amazon Sales Estimator Do?

The superiority of the tool like sales estimator hides in versatility. Sellers, manufacturers, and brands can benefit from sales estimator in various scenarios:


Establish better product management and logistics by looking at the sales performance of the different niches. Make your safe bet and eliminate any investment risks. Traverse and assess the risks of entering the foreign markets. Sales estimator tool is the risk-free way to detect the products that are rising in popularity, have been in demand for some time, or jump-decline seasonally. Optimize the sales strategy and volumes of sales in short and long-term periods. Review competition and adjust sales strategy accordingly. Right pricing strategy is born exactly under such conditions of seller analytics.


Before starting with the new product, manufacturers could survey the niche to understand whether someone hasn’t already introduced a close-competition product or the same goods. Ordering it for bulletproof analysis is the possible step to analyze the competitors. The more markets are available for price estimation, the better are chances to get global insights about the product that is going to be created.  15+ markets  must be included in the functional sales estimator to get the relevant insights about possible product performance. It’s a great way to understand the need for the product by target customers at home or abroad.


Create a brand that will be recognized in the tough competition. Compare your brand to others to discover where it can go in the future to overtake the competitors. In the countries without official distribution, understand how well the product will stack up in specific product niches you’re going to conquer.


How to check sales on Amazon?

To check the sales, you have to locate the product's sales ranking that is available on every page of the product officially listed on Amazon. You’ll get the relative knowledge of how well it sells, the lower the ranking - the higher the sales.

What is a good Amazon Sales rank?

Good Amazon sales rank should be as small as possible. The higher the number of the sales rank you see, the lower is sales performance of the product.

How to find Amazon’s Sales rank?

At the bottom of the product page, find the “Product Details” tab. Press it, then look for “Amazon’s Best Seller Rank” category. There, you’ll see the number that indicates it.

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