Amazon Product Trends and History

With one of the best Amazon price trackers available, the you will be able to analyze product history and trends to get insights into its sales, demand.

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Amazon Product Trends

Don't get confused with tons of numbers. With visual graphs, you will be able to read and understand the data on a glimpse.

You will have accurate information about whether your products are seasonal or they are on-demand through the whole year. This will help you to set the right sales strategy for the timing of the product.

After the product's price dropped, how sales were affected? How did the particular item make to that BSR? Is it because of the change in the sales strategy? You will be able to answer these and many other questions and follow costs with the Amazon price tracker app.Identify market trends

Don't waste your time with the products that aren't in demand. You will be able to learn more about the chosen niche, and you will be able to track trending products.

Amazon Product Trends

When it comes to a product launching on Amazon, you will need time and effort, especially if you are a newbie, and you're just about to start one of your first product launches.

When you want to launch your first products and start selling on Amazon, there are steps you need to fulfill:

We already mentioned that the Amazon product research is one of the critical steps sellers need to take. Sellers must do a detailed product analysis before they choose products for their online store.

It's not enough just to do Amazon price monitoring, availability, and the number of sellers tracking. It's very important to track product data within an extended period to see how it's performing.

Many tools can be used to track the product's trends and answer questions related to trends. Google Trends is a free, handy tool that will help you with the overall demand data analysis. This tool powered by Google also provides the ability to check what people are searching for, and it offers the "Recently trending" feature to track what people are currently looking for. It's highly recommended to go after the items that have stable demand.

For instance, let's say you want to track the products in your niche and whether people are interested in that particular product or entire niche. For example, check the niche ''makeup accessories" and see how active people have been looking at this niche recently. Look at the data and see how this niche has been operating within the last year. How does it look, and are you still interested in it?

It's always useful to compare different niches. For example, you are interested in comparing a more narrow niche ''makeup brushes" with a broad niche ''makeup accessories." Check the comparison and see what is more appealing for your product pick.

Aldo Google Trends is very useful, keep in mind that searching and buying is not the same thing, and this tool isn't associated with the sales analysis.

Google Trends will show you what people are searching for but not what they're actually purchasing. If you want to have an insight into what customers are buying, you will need a different tool, the Amazon research tool. You will be able to see the history of each product to make a better decision, whether to put it in your online store or not.

Once you've picked your niche, you will need to check how it is performing on Amazon with a few steps:

  1. Search for your niche on Amazon, and then open the Amazon Chrome Extension to check how the items are performing. Look at the monthly sales number, revenue, and other crucial details associated with the items.
  2. After the first step, go to the product's page and check out the information available in Amazon Chrome Extension that will reveal the essential details about the item's trends and history, such as rank, item's reviews, and Amazon price history over time.
  3. In your Amazon Product Tracker search for your niche and check for the provided information for the product listed. Save products that are most appealing and come back to them in your Product Tracker to review information related to the product's history and trends.

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