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If you want to save your data and search results, simply use the option to export, and will save up to 20,000 rows of products in a CSV file on your comput

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What is the Amazon Product Research?
Amazon Product Research Tool

With Amazon Product Finder, you will be able to:

What is the Amazon Product Research?

It's a handy tool for Amazon sellers that will help you discover over 200 million profitable products on Amazon, instantly. With multiple customized filters, you will be able to find the right items to sell on Amazon within seconds.

With the Product Finder, you will be able to find and identify high demand products with very low competition. With customized research filters, such as the number of sellers and revenue amounts, you can discover profitable items on a dime.

You're not quite ready to dip your toes into unknown waters? No problem! You can simply choose the product category you're comfortable with, and discover hot items within your niche. Also, you will be able to use the "include keywords" tab to search for the specific products you had on your mind.

Do you want to expand the current list of products you're offering to your customers and go beyond your niche? With the Product Finder, you can check out all available categories on Amazon. Thanks to customized filters you can apply different criteria associated with product rating, number of reviews, number of sellers, revenue, and many more, to find a new niche with exciting products that suits you perfectly.

Customized filters will provide you with the ability to try out as many searches as you want, with countless variations. You will be able to narrow down your search and find the best products according to your demands. Choose the strategy and explore the market for the right items and test them right away!

While you were narrowing down the search, you just came up with a new brilliant idea for another filter strategy to find the perfect product? No worries, has your back! Simply save your current filter idea for later!

You have found the right product, and you want to have instant access to this product? Bookmark the chosen item, and you will be able to find it quickly in the product tracker section. Also, with this feature, you will be able to track all product detail changes that are updated every hour.

Amazon Product Research Tool

Regardless if you're just making your first steps towards opening an online store on Amazon, or you are an experienced seller, Amazon Product Research Tool is the right fit for both newbies and professionals. This handy tool will help you find exceptional products for your Amazon store.

One of the best Amazon product research tools available if you want to explore the market for outstanding products to level-up your sales. With the Amazon product research tool and customized filter research, finding the right product has never been easier and more straightforward!

If you don't feel comfortable with the brand new products, we recommend focusing on the categories that you're most familiar with. In case you're more adventurous, and you're ready to expand your product offering, go beyond your niche, and discover new categories.

Determine the price range you're ready to follow, and limit your search only to the items that match your criteria. For newbies, it's highly recommended to follow the products that are neither too cheap nor too pricey.

When it comes to the quality of the products, pay attention to the product's ratings. Try finding the products that aren't overfilling the market. In order to find products like this, try narrowing down your search with the filters that will limit the number of reviews.

Always look for items that don't have tough competition in order to reduce the chances of going after an over-saturated product niche.

Set the revenue criteria you want to follow and use the revenue filter available in the Product Finder.

Product Finder has a feature to search for a particular niche or product category with the use of "search title and ASIN" filter. Don't follow brands you can't compete with, so exclude specific keywords in your customized product search. In case you want to track your competitors' sales, feel free to use the brand title in your search.

If you are a professional, use advanced filters to make your search is very sharp. For example, if you want to exclude products without BuyBox, products that are out of stock or search only for the unique items.

If you want to start your Amazon product analysis, just click on the search button and begin analyzing the search results.

You will be able to examine the critical numbers for the first 50 results on the page, such as the average price, average rank, average reviews, and average rating. Also, the totals for the first 50 results are available, and they include total revenue, total sales, and total reviews.

When you're administering Amazon FBA product research, it's crucial to pay attention to the costs associated with selling on Amazon. Amazon costs include:

Also has the ability to calculate your Net Profit for every product, directly from the Product Finder tool. You will be able to have a precise estimation of all fees associated with selling on Amazon FBA.

This handy tool also calculates the average number of monthly sales one product is making, thanks to the internal algorithm.

When you're analyzing the data, pay attention to the number of sellers that sell that particular product. If you see that the number of sellers is high, but on the other side, the number of sales is not so high, always avoid this product.

Another important metric you should consider when you're searching for the right product is the revenue. For example, if the revenue is $5,000, and there are five sellers, the average revenue for this item will be $1,000 per month.

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