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What is the Keyword Tool?
Amazon Keyword Tool

Discover what people are searching for on Amazon! Choose the desired niche and find out whether you're investing your money in a niche that will bring you profit.

What is the Keyword Tool?

Keyword Tool is a handy Amazon keyword research tool by that will give you access to the most accurate and reliable keywords database. With this tool from, you will be able to see what Amazon users are searching for. With our reliable keyword database, you will be able to discover high-demand niches and use trending keywords to optimize your product listings.

With the keyword research tool, you will be able to create listings that will convert. The competition is fierce, and it's not enough just to use your intuition when you're choosing the keywords for your products. With our Keyword Tool, you can rely on trustful data when you're building your listings. You will be able to discover the crucial keywords and implement them into your product title, description, and use them as the search terms.

Are you considering the option to expand your offer with a brand new niche? With  Product Finder , you will never have to worry about the potential lack of ideas! Check the niche you're interested in, and never waste time on niches that aren't high on demand. With Product Finder , you will be able to generate new great ideas and explore them with our Keyword Tool.

Are you wondering how to appear on the top of the search results on Amazon? Go after something more precise! Examine your product's keywords, and don't be afraid to pick the ones that aren't having the high search volume. Follow them and check how many items you will receive in return.

Review historical data

Check out the search volume data up to 12 months into the past with Keyword Scout. Monthly numbers are available right at your fingertips. Operate on this data to get a full picture of the product’s trends and demand over time. Use the most accurate data on keywords to set up marketing campaigns and build your rockstar listings according to trends.

How competitive is the keyword? What is the CPC rate of the keyword? Go ahead and check this information in Keyword Tool. This data will help you understand how competitive the niche is and will help you decide if you are ready to go after it or not.

Amazon Keyword Tool

Amazon is currently the largest online marketplace worldwide. Every month more than 197 million people visit this online marketplace.

Amazon's customers find products on this website by typing keywords into the search bar, and thanks to millions of products available, they always find something that will catch their eye.

One of the things that draw people on Amazon to search for desired items is relevance. Amazon has the A9 algorithm that organizes search results to be the most accurate possible, with a strong emphasis on sales conversions.

Therefore, the most relevant and high-converting products will appear at the top of the search results, meaning that:

If your products don't have strong keywords related to them, your product will be irrelevant, obviously.

How to perform Amazon keyword research to make sure you are following the right keywords?

Check out what Amazon search bar provides you as the keyword suggestion. Go to Amazon and start typing something in the search bar. The suggestions will pop up immediately, and they represent the keywords Amazon customers are frequently using.

The search bar on Amazon is actually a free Amazon keyword tool where you can instantly check what people are searching for.

Examine the products that are available in the "Frequently bought together" section.

"Frequently bought together" sections display the products that complement the main product.

When you are targeting complements of your products, you are showing your products to potential customers, who aren't searching for your products directly, but they may be interested.

Complement products can be intuitive in some cases. For example, your customer is searching for a phone case, so a protective screen cover would be a complement product. Despite its intuitive nature, some research is also necessary. You can always check the competitors' products to find out what the customers are buying together with their main products and understand what complementary products you need to target.

Use a keyword research tool

There are many strategies you can use, but one of the best ways to discover top keywords is to use a keyword research tool. The Keyword Tool from will help you understand what customers are typing to find products similar to yours and how frequently these searches are conducted. Amazon can be compared to Google or any other search engine, so using the keywords that have a high volume on the search engine will most probably receiving high demand on Amazon.

Whoever has the Google Ads account also has access to Google's Keyword Planner. Keyword Planner is a handy tool that provides you with an insight into keywords and their search frequency on a monthly basis and competition. The same thing goes with the Keyword Finder, only for Amazon. This handy tool will help you discover the top keywords and set them up for a more significant profit.

Insert your keyword and the ones you don't want to explore, set the boundaries for specific and broad volume, and go after it.

Whatever your niche is, check what people are searching for and set the right keywords for your products to generate more sales. Use Amazon Keyword Tracker to save your keywords and get instant access to the reliable data that is updated every hour.

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