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With the Amazon Chrome Extension, you will be able to complete product data analysis without ever leaving Amazon's product page. Start now, and find your r

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What is the Amazon Chrome Extension?
Amazon Chrome Extension

What is the Amazon Chrome Extension?

The Amazon Chrome Extension for Amazon will provide you with easy and quick access to the most vital product data that you need for product analysis, right on Amazon's product page. Simply install the extension on your Google Chrome and start using it today.

Estimate product revenue and sales

With our Amazon seller Chrome Extension you will be able to estimate the product's monthly sales and revenue without ever leaving the Amazon webpage. When you install the extension, you will have quick access to sales volume and revenue for products of interest.

Estimate Amazon FBA costs

Track product trends and history

You need to have detailed information about the product's trend and historical data to make a better decision on whether to go for that product or not. The Chrome Extension will provide you with access to analyze trends, rank, and price changes as well as with the historical data to track product's demand trends.

Verify your item hypothesis

Do you want to analyze a particular niche you're interested in? Just launch Extension and get quick access to the most vital information about your search request.

Amazon Chrome Extension

If you're already selling on Amazon, you know that sellers need to search for the right profitable products constantly, and market analysis is something you do daily. Regardless of you are an FBA or FBM seller, a Private Label or a wholesaler, a professional, or a newbie, product hunting and demand analysis is something you need to do every day.

There are countless tools that Amazon sellers use to answer the following questions:

Sellers need to drill into the details of several products to answer these questions. This process takes a seller's time and money.

If you're looking to save time, and therefore money, a Chrome Extension is a great solution for you. The Chrome Extension is easier and faster to use while you're looking hrough Amazon's pages.

To install the AmazonChrome Extension, search for it in your Chrome Web Store or simply go to "Widget" in your application.

The niche analysis

If you have a product idea, you can research it directly on Amazon's web page. Simply go to the Amazon, and type your product idea in the search bar. Products meeting your search criteria will appear. Probably you already know that the lower the BSR is, the faster the customer will find it. Products with low BSR will appear among the first results.

You're interested to learn more about particular products? The Amazon Chrome Extension is here to support you! This Amazon Extension for Chrome will give you the most crucial information about all products available in your niche analysis.

To see if the chosen niche is the one you want to pursue, check the most crucial information about it:

Every item in your chosen niche has additional data that is not available on Amazon, but you can check it using the Chrome Extension. These details include:

With our Amazon Chrome Extension, you will be able to quickly determine the product net and margin by adding costs associated with shipping the product to Amazon and other product expenses. You don't have to leave the Amazon's page, you can calculate all fees right there, as our Chrome Extension has implemented FBA Calculator.

While you were searching on Amazon, a particular product caught your attention. Feel free to save it for later and do further analysis when you have time directly from Chrome Extension. All bookmarked products will appear on your product categories, nicely organized, and all data will be updated hourly, meaning that all data is accurate.

Analysis of the product category

The Amazon Chrome Extension is an excellent solution for sellers who want to research the particular category on Amazon. Simply go to Amazon's web page and pick the category you are interested in doing the data analysis. After the product list displays, the will provide you with the critical product details as in niche analysis.

Product details right on Amazon's web page

You have found the product you want to learn more about? Great, now click on it and you will find even more vital information. The will provide you with the ability to analyze the product's pricing strategy changes, product ranks, and reviews changes for up to 180 days. After you have read the details and the product still seems compelling, you can search for the right supplier right from the Chrome Extension. There is no need to browse between multiple tabs and windows, the Chrome Extension will keep everything on one, Amazon page, and get the job done!

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